Sustainable use of the rainforest



Human beings have been using the rainforest all around the world sustainably for many
thousands of years. Nowadays, billions of people also use the rainforest in many different ways, some – sustainably, but the others – not as sustainable. Some people think, that in order to survive, we need to continue getting resources we need for surviving. Others say that we can continue to use the rainforest, but in a more sustainable way. Is the forest and the rainforest use sustainable or not?

People who support forest use argue that biofuels are more sustainable fuels than fossil fuels, both in terms of destruction of the rainforest and the pollution of the atmosphere. And as a result of the big destruction and pollution from fossil fuels came up with a way of making a more sustainable kind of fuel – biofuel. Biofuels are the new generation of fuels, which don't give as much pollution as fossil fuels into the atmosphere when burned. You will also probably get more money from selling biofuels than fossil fuels for their sustainability, quick production and will not need to use as much money for making them as fossil fuels.

On the other hand, if we continue growing whole loads of plantations we'll probably end up chopping down the whole rainforest. All right, we need biofuels, but we'll lose about 30% or even more of our precious oxygen which those trees produce. Although biofuels are good, we would probably need the Amazon rainforest's oxygen a lot more. Of course we will still have about 30% from the Siberian forest and about 40% from the other trees scattered around the planet. But don't you think that 100% of oxygen is better than 70%?

However, if we need to stop using the rainforest, we must also stop mining for metals and gems, what no one will ever do, according to the amount of money they earn. Some people may not have a choice, maybe in terms of their ability or possibly money. Here, money means the amount they get payed at their job. The word ability, here means what people who mine can do. People use metals in a lot of different ways, otherwise we wouldn't even be mining. Some are used for vehicles, others – jewelry, some rare metals – for computers and electronics. Also we'll have to stop mining for oil and other fossils, which we use as fuels, what we cannot afford to do right now, because we don't make as much biofuels as we need to make enough amount and keep it quite cheap.

Nevertheless, if we'll keep on mining for resources until there are non left, which will destroy, first – some, then – all ecosystems of the Amazon rainforest. After we've destroyed the ecosystems, we'll never be able to make them as complexity, their beauty and the huge amount of animal and plant life species which they had. In fact, the Amazon rainforest has more flora and fauna than any other rainforest, which makes it even more hard to put everything back into their places. Do you still think that we need to chop down the precious trees in the rainforest and ruin its ecosystems?

Although we need resources we need to use the land more sustainably. We could ''reuse'' it. For example: first use it to grow crops and then mine, or log and then grow. We could also put compost, which we could make easily, into the ground we've used to grow again and again.


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