Moving to Chiang Mai

This year we were moving to Chiang Mai from Samui because on Samui there are to much people so the educational program isn't as good as it was before. My mom, my brother ( Ilya ) and my sister ( Lisa ) went by airplane firstly to Bangkok and then to Chiang Mai. My dad and I went by car and because Ching Mai is one the other side of Thailand we started to go a day before my mom, Ilya and Lisa did. Firstly we went by Seatran Ferry through the sea between the mainland and this island. When we came to the mainland we went by one long road. By the way to Chiang Mai we past a lot of cities – Bangkok, Lampang for example. We thought that we would not reach Chiang Mai this day but we did beacause my dad drank some good coffee in the middle. Well we reached it we were so tired that we could not feel our body because we drove hole 1425 kilometers!

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