How to make lianas/vines for terrain

First, if you want to make a liana or seres of them you'll need about 7 wires ( about 1-2 mm thick is fine, they should also be longer than the piece of terrain you are going to put them on) , brown paint, light green paint, light yellow paint, green wash, light brown, texturer( universal primer ), and tamiya light sand effect.

Firstly, you have to make one liana out of the wires by winding them around each other. Put at the bottom of your terrain and start going up the buildinng. The higher you go the more you must get the huge liana unwinded. Try to keep the lianas touching the wall and make them go in different directions. If your peice of terrain, like mine has windows or something like that lay some wires to go insede the building and disappear or you can make them come out of another window. If two lianas meet again you can wind and then unwind them if yuo would like. This is what me and my dad got.

Before you structure the lianas you must glue the lianas where they are touching the terrain. Then you take the texturer, me and my dad used universal primer GESSO bought in Bangkok and you put it in the places on the wire where it is winded to make lumps of it. Also put it in some places on the single wire to make something like pimples. The more the wires are winded in some place the more you should put of texturer.

After you have textured the lianas, you need to paint the terrain your lianas are on, the basecoating colour. Then, paint the lianas flat brown. The places where the wires are neat take the tamiya light sand effect and mix it with brown in a proportion 1 drop of paint to 5 drops of the effect so its hard enough. Put two layers of the mixture on the bold wires and one on the other places. When you think its enough – stop.

Then make a green wash in the plces where shadows would be. Do a light brown drybrush on the wrinckles. To represent new leaves growing use the tamiya sand effect and just make little drips of it in the places where you will make the leaves. Next paint the leaves green after the effect has dried and to represent the stems, make light green lines.Then finish colouring the building itself. If you want to see how I painted my Impirial Bastion find Finishing The Impirial Bastion. Have any sugestions or questions? COMMENT!!!


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