How To Assembly And Paint Boss Zagstruk

First, cut out the head, the body, both arms, jet pack and the long leg (the one with a bit of ground on it.) Then, glue the arm with the sword to the body, body to the leg which you have cut out and the leg to the base.


Next, basecoat everything dark grey.


Then, paint the sword, slugga, the two claws, the upper bit on the front of the jetpack and the stubby bit at the back of the jetpack using this guide:

1. Wash the dark grey Badab Black.
2. Highlight the sharp, sticking out bits on the end of the sword, the upper bit on the front of the jetpack and the bit at the back of the jetpack using this mix – one drop of varnish, one drop of red, one drop of silver and two drops of water, you’ll need to like make a pool on the edge and pull it to one of the sharp edges. Don’t highlight the claws ’cause they’re his feet,you’ll need to paint the hole claw, but using the same mix.
3. Make little white dots on the edges and wash the hole thing again using the same wash.
4. Paint the small pice on the sword which is pointing at his face and some bits on the slugga using Dwarf Bronze.
5. Paint all other stuff on the choppa and the slugga Boltgun Metal and drybrush with black.
6. Wash the slugga and the choppa Badab Black.
7. Paint the little dot on the slugga and the wirings on the choppa red.
8. Paint the front bit of the rocket on the choppa Dwarf Bronze.
9. Paint some other bits on the choppa Dwarf Bronze and the little clothing on the bottom of the choppa Calthan Brown and wash it with Devlan Mud.
10. Paint the metal bits which are holding the claws Boltgun Metal and the skull on it Dwarf Bronze.





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