How To Assembly And Paint Boss Zagstruk (part 2)

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Next, paint all the skin Orkhide Shade or Waaagh Flesh. Then, drybrush it using a lighter green and drybrush it again using a lighter green. Wash the skin using Biel-Tan Green or Thraka Green.


Paint the teeth and nails Screaming Skull or Bleached Bone and then wash ‘em using Nuln Oil or Devlan Mud.

Next paint the skull on the hat really light brown and wash it with Nuln Oil. Paint the chain and the bit oo ding the wire on the side golden. Paint the wire and eyes red. Paint the ring in the nose and the metal bit near to the right eye metal.

Paint the front bit of the jetpack’s rocket and some wires white and the end of the rocket and some of the left wires red. Paint the big bottle blue and the other one bronze, colour the bits holding them and the wires left silver. Paint the bit where the fire comes out from-Mechrite red wait three minutes and wipe it with a tissue, then do it one more time. After, wash the jet pack light brown wait one minute and wipe it and do that one more time.



Paint the pants brown and the shirt a darker brown. Drybrush the pants skin colour and the shirt the colour you first painted the pants. Drybrush the shirt skin colour and the pants a really light brown. Wash them dark brown.




Paint one wire- green, one red, one orange. Drybrush the furr light brown and wash it Gryphone Sepia.

Paint the metal with the lightning symbol bronze, let it dry for a minute and wipe it, drybrush it with silver. Colour the wires near to it different colours.

Colour the cloth which is holding rings blue and the other cloth any colour you want. Paint the box dark brown and drybrush all the not painted metal silver.


Paint the little parts which are left any colour you want. Then, glue all the things to the body. If you have any questions- comment!


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