Herod Sayle Biography from Stormbreaker

Herod Sayle

Born in the backstreets of Beirut, Lebanon, Herod Sayle didn't even have a little chance of getting education and then being a multi-millionaire, but now he's in the top 5 richest multi-billionaire people of the whole England. It wasn't the success of his mum's or dad's work. It was his luck. And when he got that luck, his life turned to the good way.

As a child Herod saved two American tourists from a falling piano, which would probably kill them. That's how it was: Herod Sayle just walked down the street to the shop to buy some food, when he saw a piano being moved in the room with an open window. There was some slippery liquid on the floor of that room. The piano was moved right on that place. It slipped. It broke the wall and flew down, gathering speed as quickly as Herod at that moment. He jumped at the American tourists and just a nano-second before the piano killed them, he pushed them out of the way. The piano hit the floor just a millimeter away from them and it hit the floor that hard that the cement cracked.

The American tourists were so thankful that they took Sayle to an English school in London. Although Herod didn't want to leave his family, he did, because his dad said that he would've liked to have a smart child, so Herod went.

Herod's family had so many members that all of them had to share clothing, food. His dad tried to be a hairdresser, but was fired just about 2 weeks after he started that job. When there was a war in Beirut; while Herod's dad was cutting somebody's hair , soldiers came and shot everybody, except Sayle's dad-he hid on the rooftop. After that the head of that hairdressing company asked Herod Sayle's dad, ”Why didn't kill them with scissors?” and he answered, ”Because I'm not a contract killer”. Although Herod's dad was a good hairdresser, he got fired.

Sayel's mum took place in laundry all of her time, she was moderately successful, so that's how Herod's family got some money for food and clothes. All the other of his huge, but poor family were nine brothers, four sisters, a granny, two goats, a dog, a cat and even three hens. They were all his best friends for that time. All of his family were born and grew up in total violence, so they had to know how to protect themselves and fight, that's why him and his brothers and sisters fought against each other to train themselves, instead of going to fighting sessions which cost a lot of money. Then as we already know Herod saved two American tourists, who after that brought him to an English, private school in London.

When he came to the school the first time he was scared and didn't want to go to school. Then he got alright and learned extremely hard to make his dad's dream come true, ”One of my kids must have a proper life when he or she grows up”, he used to say. Herod Sayle learned with a boy who is now the priminister of England. :They both learned very well and were best friends in the school. And in the future that actually became the priminister of England.

In school Herod Sayle got nine O levels. After finishing the school Herod went to Cambridge university, where he got a first in economics. His hard education led him to the life of a rich man. He wasn't just happy because he was the best in the class, it also was because he made is dad's dream come true. Now Herod set up his own task-to be rich.

His radio station which he started off with, was the first job Herod Sayle had. His music,which he made up also by himself got famous in the whole world just in two days after his radio station was built and started working. Herod liked that and now wanted to be not just rich, but be a multi-billionaire. And he updated his task

Secondly, he set up his own record label, which worked so good that also was a success. Now Herod Sayle was already a millionaire, so he got a string of racehorses, but he didn't know how old they were and was amazed by the “shocking price“. Because of their age a they always eventually came last. Well just one of them was good and came first some times, but after a few years it got as lazy as the others and did the same thing as them-slept for 22 hours in a day. Herod Sayle liked all those things, but wanted something what with he will get lots of money.

And one night, in Herod's dream, after a whole day spent on thinking, he got an idea. Computer! Computer software! Called “Stormbreaker“. He spent hours, days, weeks, months working out, how to make it better than the best computer ever made, how to make it that good, so even kids who hate school would like to learn on it. Then he got it, the computer must work and show everything very realistically. Then he finally invented it and started manufacturing them. “Stormbreaker“ was the best computer which was invented recently.

Then Sayle built plant which will be manufacturing the “Stormbreaker“ computer and computer software. In one month the computers will be generously donated to all the schools of England; they will be brought to them by cars, airplanes, helicopters, trucks, ships and even submarines. ”Imagine that every kid in the country and then the whole world will have their own “Stormbreaker“!”, exclaimed Herod Sayle in the news last week.

by Artem Mikheev


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