Captain McMillan and Zombot

In the far,far future people built a teleport. Which you could use to go to the past or the future. The people who invented it were: tactical and strategic Captain McMillan and his brave sniper team. They first teleported to the past, to the damp,slimy, scary cave with all sorts of bugs in it. They were just checking if the teleport works or not. But, when they went back, they forgot to close the teleport and a beast called Zombot lived in that cave with no light. Because it was interested about the teleport it went inside it..!

Zombot was a 5-meter tall creature which was one eight minotaur, one eight HQ of the army, one eight robot, one eight harpy, one eight dracula, one eight zomby, one eight skeleton and one eight metal parts which could transport into different, powerful weapons. It had red eyes, filled with fierce, black and yellow teeth and Zombot smelled like socks and was covered in blood. The only thing it needed was light, daylight; so it climbed up the highest mountain of all and took the sun… Everywhere were darkness. Everyone was scared. Noone dared himself or herself to go. Now, that's a big problem because the beast went back to the past already, so people had to decide quicker. The sniper team and Captain McMillan had to go, so they went on a long terrible journey.

The teleport was on the other side of the world, so Captain McMillan and the ten snipers didn't know where to go. But they had a plan. Firstly, they went all over the world and didn't find Zombot, so it shoulde've teleported. They set the teleport to open the portal to the same place as the beast did.that place was Ancient Greece. They saw Zombot far away, walking in the beautiful streets which it destroyed. McMillan and the ten snipers followed Zombot quietly on the buildings, so that Zombot doesn't spot them. Only sometimes, they shot laser bullets to wound it. Zombot knew this place and was walking to his ugly damp cave.

Zombot slowly walked in the streets of the ancient city. He swallowed the light ball, so no one could get it out because he knew that somebody was there; but who where? He didn't know. That was good for the snipers and McMillan.

They had an evil but very tactical and very strategic plan. Firstly, all of them evilly shot using their new, shiny, awesome laser bullets into Zombot. They wounded him, however, he wasn't dead, just wounded because his metal, hard robotic parts and his 5cm thick, heavy skin saved him. The snipers thought that Zombot would fly away like everyone did from these bullets, but he was to tough and way to heavy. Moments later, while Zombot was winded, the snipers bravely went into mortal combat with their new, sharp daggers to stab Zombot as hardly as they can and as much as they can, to cause a lot of wounding. They wounded him a lot of times, but sadly got deaf and died because Zombot screamed with anger, fierce and no mercy. Captain McMillan jumped down the building and screamed loudly, “If you won't give me the light ball, I will be killing you slowly, evilly and with no mercy!”

“Only when I'm dead! Ha! Ha! Ha!”, replied the beast angrily and annoyingly.

“Ok! Aaaaaaaargh!”, shouted Captain McMillan. He firstly sought revenge for the snipers with krak grenades, which made him and Zombot deaf. After a while, McMillan quickly jumped on Zombot's head and cut its throat open while shouting as loud as a fire alarm,”This is for my best, bravest friends – snipers! And this is for the sun ball! Aaaaaaaargh!” McMillan took out all the dirty, brown, yucky insides of Zombot. He also found the sun ball inside it. After all of that McMillan finally got happy once in his life.

Next day, Captain McMillan ate Zombot's dark, slimy, greenish flesh and slowly traveled back to the futuristic teleport. Then, he got some fresh, tasty meat and some beautiful drinks and rested at the civilian hotel. Next day, he slowly went up the same mountain as Zombot did and put the sun back in its place. Everyone stopped doing what they were. Everyone was amazed, happy and didn't know what to say.

The whole world made a huge, happy, interesting festival with lots of different, shiny, beautiful masks and costumes. With shiny things in it. Ofcourse, the king of this festival was Captain McMillan, who had a long story to tell. In pleasure at him, the scientists made him live forever.

Sudenly, because McMillan didn't chop the insides of Zombot, in one of them lived a zombotic creature which was very powerfull. And, because no one knew about it, it will revenge when it grows up…

by Artem Mikheev


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